Do you know costs of uncertainty whether your client and product data are true and correct? How often your people offer items that are not available? Can it happen that an invoice is sent to outdated address of a client? Can it happen that collection process is started for a client who had not been sent invoice yet? Are additional services offered to clients who already use them? Can you estimate how many man hours are lost because of discussions what data version is the right one? How many processes are decelerated? What is impact on client loyalty and your revenues? 

Single point of truth

These problems and many other ones are often caused by insufficient quality of master data. You can meet them in any bigger organization using several information systems and databases. If people really work with data, update them and submit new ones, it is extremely difficulty to keep a “single point of truth” as soon as there is no systematic master data management implemented.

Master data describe those object that are business critical, such as clients, employees, products, branches etc. Master data management includes methodologies and technologies enabling single master data management across heterogeneous environment. An organization can be assured that master data are:

  • True and exact
  • Complete
  • Consistent
  • Updated

Master data management should cover entire lifecycle of master data - from creation to long term archiving and shredding.

Galeos – together with its technology partners – offer leading edge technology tools and practical experience. Our master data management is based on following:

  • Master Data Management implementation into the context of process and rules management and optimization. We enable our clients to reach quick benefits such as process acceleration and effectiveness enhancement.
  • Master Data Management implementation together with Data Mining. Better quality of customer data immediately results in services quality enhancements and/or effectiveness growth.
  • Understanding of Master Data Management as a tool for operational responsiveness enhancement. We understand that process flexibility is conditioned by full reliability of master data. Master Data Management implementation is a key step towards a responsive organization with ability to shorten time to the market, adapt services according to changing sentiment of clients and ensure immediate compliance. 

Products and technologies we work with.