DataRPM.png Galeos t ogether with Progress Software organized first DataRPM training in the Czech Republic for partner company MIITIS including a workshop for the prospect customers.

DataRPM is a cognitive predictive platform which allows organizations to better understand their devices and machines (Industrial IoT, Sensors, Machine Learning). Using Artificial Intelligence and by an early anomaly detection DataRPM prevents failures of these assets and thus it can contribute significantly to better organizational performance.

„Industry 4.0 cannot perform without technology like DataRPM. That is why we, as a Progress Software distributor, are delighted, that we have such a valuable offering in this area. Together with partner MIITIS, we have business plans not only in the Czech Republic and that is why very appreciated DataRPM introduction made directly by one of the Product Managers Mr. Aditya Murukutla and by Principal Pre-Sales Consultant for EMEA Mr. Harold Verlee.“, commented Pavel Kaplicky, CEO.

If you have a sample of sensor data at least for three months, you can try DataRPM for free here using a 7-day cloud evaluation license.