FlowMon.png After the announcement in September Progress now completes the acquisition of Kemp

As part of Progress, Kemp bolsters Progress’ core offerings in multiple ways:

  • The always-on capabilities of Application Experience ensure that every user interaction, regardless of channel, is highly performant and always available. These capabilities complement Progress Digital Experience portfolio which helps organizations create and deploy seamless, consistent and in-context personalized experience for customers, partners and employees.  
  • Anomaly detection, application monitoring and application telemetry from Kemp Flowmon (originated as university spin-off in Czech Republic) complement capabilities available in Progress WhatsUp Gold to provide a more comprehensive network performance monitoring and diagnostic (NPMD) offering that simplifies the management of today's highly complex on-premise and cloud infrastructures.
  • Progress DevOps and DevSecOps (Chef) offerings can help Kemp AX customers quickly respond to changes with flexibility, security and scale.