For training new developers in the best of what Progress® OpenEdge® can offer, enlist your new hires or employees new to OpenEdge development in Progress Academy. Participants sharpen their OpenEdge skills on the latest features the OpenEdge platform has to offer through a comprehensive four-week program. 

What you can expect with Progress Academy:

  • Offered 3-4 times per year in central locations in North America and EMEA.
  • Four weeks of expert education delivered by senior OpenEdge consultants and developers.
  • Very affordable. Galeos as a Progress Software distributor is ready to motivate new OE developers above the standard participant conditions!
  • Discounted rates also available at local participating hotels.
  • Syllabus contains both beginning and advanced concepts.
  • Weekly assessments.
  • Intro to OpenEdge Reference Architecture (OERA).
  • Introduction to Telerik Platform for OpenEdge.

 For more information or to enroll in a Progress Academy, contact us.