2016_PB.jpg Together with Progress Software Professional Services, you are cordially welcome to the May´s round of Pizza & Beer, where the keynote speakers are Vladimir Zalda (Bratislava, Brno) and Marek Bujnarowski (Warsaw only). Vladimir and Marek will introduce MDBA Services and DB Health-Checks . These popular Progress services you can use either for your own purposes as well as for your clients. Among other you will hear how to manage 1.800 databases of 100+ customers, how to handle with 72+ TBs of data or how to coordinate 138.000 user connections.


  • Bratislava, SK:....Tue May 16. 2017, 12:00-16:00
  • Brno, CZ:...........Wed May 17. 2017, 12:00-16:00
  • Warszawa, PL:...Thu May 18. 2017, 12:00-16:00



Keynote speakers Marek Bujnarowski or Vladimir Zalda, Progress Software

  • Progress OpenEdge MDBA Services (Progress Software offering, implementation details, scope of service, benefits for partners and customers) 
  • Database Health-Checks (process description, reporting, real examples, drilling into metrics, practical thresholds, disaster recovery planning, tips & hints) 

Tomas Kucera or Piotr Tucholski, Galeos:

  • What's new in OE 11.7 
  • Progress Application Server and three-tier architecture (one slide recap)
  • Types of Progress RDBMS (one slide recap)