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ProgressNEXT18, ProgressNEXT19

ProgressNEXT18_CMO.jpg On 29.05. until June 1, 2018, a global Partner and User Progress conference was held in Boston. More than 800 participants attended 130 presentations and enjoyed a chance to meet Progress product and top managers in person.


Pizza & Beer Spring 2018

P_B_Mozaika.jpg Meetings in Moravian Brno and Polisch Warszawa attended almost fifty partners and customers again.


Pizza & Beer: April 18th-19th, 2018 (Spring round)

Galeos organizes this year spring and fall Pizza & Beer workshops for Czech, Polish and Slovak partners and customers.


Progress Training Schedule 2018

Progress EMEA Training Schedule 2018:


526: New record of the EMEA PUG Challenge Conference

EMEA_PUG_Challenge_2017.jpg From 15th to 17th November, the EMEA PUG Challenge conference of Progress users and application partners took place in Prague. The conference was attended by 526 delegates from 35 countries who had the opportunity to participate in 12 workshops and 83 presentations.


IT Regatta 2017

it-regatta-2017_galeos.jpg IT Regatta is one of the most prestige seagoing one design regattas organized for Czech IT professionals.


Galeos brings Corticon BRMS also to Poland

At the turn of September / October, Galeos, with the support of Progress Software, made a series of training that kicked off Galeos' new business activities - Progress Corticon BRMS offering. The training were addressed to specialists and business users from partners and direct end customers who are responsible for automating decisions in their companies.


EMEA PUG Challenge 2017: Super Early Bird Registration Started!

EMEA PUG Challenge launched Super Early Bird registration for its Prague′s conference on November 15th - 17th 2017.


Progress VP EMEA visited conference of the biggest Polish partner company Novum

fanb2017_compressed.jpg Company Novum – the biggest Progress Software partner in Poland - hold on May 16 th - 17 th , 2017 its 10 th annual conference with the main headline: “Secure solutions in dangerous times”.


Pizza & Beer in May with Vladimir Zalda and Marek Bujnarowski as well

2016_PB.jpg Together with Progress Software Professional Services, you are cordially welcome to the May´s round of Pizza & Beer, where the keynote speakers are Vladimir Zalda (Bratislava, Brno) and Marek Bujnarowski (Warsaw only). Vladimir and Marek will introduce MDBA Services and DB Health-Checks . These popular Progress services you can use either for your own purposes as well as for your clients. Among other you will hear how to manage 1.800 databases of 100+ customers, how to handle with 72+ TBs of data or how to coordinate 138.000 user connections.


EMEA PUG Challenge 2017 Early Bird Tickets

For those who consider attending the EMEA PUG Challenge 2017 in Autumn in Prague, we bring the following friendly notice: The number of early bird tickets will be limited more than in previous years.


IT Regatta 2016

IT_Regatta_2016 IT Regatta is one of the most prestige seagoing one design regattas organized for Czech IT professionals.


EMEA PUG Challenge 2017 in Prague!

We have got a great news from our consultants from just opened EMEA PUG Challenge conference in Noordwijk, NL. Next year will be this the biggest European Progress users conference held in Prague! Big thanks to EMEA PUG organisation committee and Tomas Kucera! Venue, agenda, and other information will be announced in a timely manner.


Pizza & Beer in numbers

Pizza Meetings in Bratislava, Brno and Poznań attended almost fifty partners and customers.


Popular Pizza & Beer Meetings Are Back!

20160623_P_B_WAW_web.png We complied with the requests of our Polish application partners and direct customers and we have decided to revitalize popular technology-oriented meetings called "Pizza & Beer" both in Poland, Czechia and  Slovakia. Do not take the meeting name so literally. We serve both interesting information and not only a pizza and a beer.

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